Sagittarius in the 12th house

A feeling of already owning freedom, wisdom, optimism, wealth and travel. That you can put all of these into work and move, but not really. All this energy contained in the 12th house might be “stuck” or at least it feels like it. As a Capricorn, you’re probably trying your best to achieve all of these and sometimes feel that you can’t quite make it. Often, you may feel restless, disappointed and frustrated because you really have to work/compromise everything you have just to feel a grasp of freedom that unconsciously seems so attainable. And I think it is or gets easier once you realize how your subconscious actually could give you everything you want. Is as if you were born with all of these gifts (Sagittarius energy) and the only way to get it is spending time by yourself, knowing or trying to understand your needs and wants and the path that should follow to keep you happy.


The good thing about this sign in the 12th house is that both energies (Pisces and Sagittarius) are mutable and they want expansion, to be able to get everywhere. The difference is that Sagittarius AIMS where and how it wants to go and Pisces wants to spill all over. Ultimately, they both sick for the same truth, to expand your conscious. I’d say unconscious since that is the house meaning.

Good things about this placement and how it may affect your subconscious:

-You actually enjoy sharing your knowledge.

-Optimism, even when you think it’s all grey. The fire energy should keep you up at the hardest times.

-It’s easier for you to expand your mind, you may have a huge source of knowledge from past lives.


I know not all Capricorn risings are having the Saturn return right now, so maybe they don’t feel this energy block (are you? Do you?)


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