The love zone!

Finally, I’ve been waiting a year for this! Ha-ha (well no, maybe I haven’t) but this time I’m particularly happy about it.

Today is the new moon and I hope you all got your intentions written all over your place, just to remind you where you want something to grow this month (and six months from now). I’m not so advanced at studying astrology (yet, and I’m working on it) but I’m here to write about the intentions for the rising that you might be reading about –hint: Capricorn.

Yes, this new moon is in the moon’s house! Luckily for me and us Capricorn rising that means: THE PARTNER/DESCENDANT/COUPLE SECTOR! I think we should all remember that our partner is not our mother and neither are we theirs. This is not Bates Motel. It’s not a house/home or someone we get comfortable with when the love is no longer served. Our significant other certainly must provide us with emotional security that’s for sure, but let me remind you that THAT certainty comes from within and its definitely hard to keep it up.

Some ideas for your intentions:

-I have the intention to set boundaries for healthier relationships.

-I have the intention to validate and regulate my emotions for them not to take the best of me.

-I have the intention to nourish my needs before anyone else’s.

-I have the intention of being vulnerable, letting my guard down, knowing that I’m here to take care of myself.


Happy new moon!

What are your intentions? J

Xo, Gi.


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