new me – after venus rx

Yeah, that’s my shadow. We went to a bachelorette take away at Playa del Carmen (México) and it was awesome! So much fun and I don’t know about you but I always like when I reconnect with friends that I haven’t seen for a while, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Anyway, that happened through the Venus rx time (I’m aware it’s still retro, just about to hit it off forward) and I think it was the perfect trip for this kind of vibe.

I’m sorry with myself for not writing more often, it is in fact one of my goals but sometimes my days are so full (I don’t even know how that happens). On the bright side I’ve been thinking about future posts that might (or not) involve the following:

*New clothing/hair style! (help me out)

*How my nail went purple and how to handle it.

*Astrology 101

*Random stuff


Plus, I wanted to add that I follow Mia Astral (I’m a huge fan) and she kept saying that Virgo should ACCEPT what they love, their passions, dreams and what they truly want (since Venus was in the 8 house). Yesterday I went buying clothes and I liked this off shoulder blouse and I didn’t know if I should buy it (because of the strapless bra thing) and then I realized it wasn’t the bra, it was the fact that it would be wearing something really noticeable and I realized that I’m always trying to dim my light, my taste and anything that I fancied because I wanted to fit. It made me happy that I finally understood and sad that I kept me in the dark. Now, the path won’t be easy, but I hope I can master that thing called “being yourself” without the shame issue.  (I will write about that!)


Later, the photos of my blouse… you know for my new posts.

Thanks for reading, kisses!


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