Venus retro

Hello everyone! So, yesterday Venus began its retrograde phase in Aries. This means I have many things that I would like to write about for the 40 days this lasts (yeey another countdown).

For me, a Capricorn rising, Aries is the 4th house and so it affects my home situation. The truth is we’re moving and it’s been dramatic, chaotic… but in the end, I think it’s for the best (you know, you have to keep the optimism going in a very Aries style).

But I’ve seen changes in the love department to… you know the “back-men” or something like that and I’ve read that nothing is set in stone until march 25 (at least) or better be sure until April. And this is because Venus rules relationships and so does its sign Libra where Jupiter is (retrograde too).


The thing is, you really have to think what you want for YOURSELF, not trying to cover it up to keep things cool, you know in a very Libran style.


So, aside from that I’ll be posting about random stuff because I want to (Uranus in Aries too of course). And there might be many more “countdowns coming”


Moon: Gemini, do you have something you want to talk about? Better not snap.

Mood: uncertain

Song: Chained to the rhythm (What are you chained to? Yourself?)

Movie: Matrix (cause we’re retro-mood here) by the way and please don’t hate me, I can’t seem to end watching it…




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