The countdown after

So, its been some days since valentine’s day. I hope you enjoyed it! I actually got cake at work and I went to see Lego Batman (but I think it wasn’t the best choice, sorry Lego). I’m still not sure what to write about but I’m quite happy that the sun will enter my third house (Pisces) this Saturday! So for me, a Capricorn rising that is all about, communication! And some other things that the third house holds such as: mental activity, how you see reality, brothers/sisters, beliefs. So I hope to get enlightened.

Moon: Scorpio I think (yet).

Mood: I think I just let go of someone (so that’s definitely material for a post).


Song: A thousand years – Christina Perri


P.s. I took this photo on Wednesday, it is from my hometown and it was just lovely. I love sunsets.


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