1 day

So, today the countdown ends! And I’m particularly proud cause I never wrote everyday before! Valentine’s day is tomorrow; do you celebrate it? I remember when I was younger and my father always gave me a gift (but it’s been years since the last one). I think I’m going to the movies with some friends, I hope we get tickets for Lego Batman 4D, I just love it is like a Disney ride.

I want to structure the upcoming posts, sort them by themes but I don’t know which ones yet.

So, to end the countdown:

Movie: One day of course! I love it but, I actually hate that it gets so sad.

Song: Read my mind – The killers; it’s turning 10 years today.

Moon: I’m pretty sure it is still in Virgo but for tomorrow it will be in Libra, so expect a really “loving” day, pink and everything pleasant.

Mood: I still got a headache so, that got me a little big down.


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