2 days

I woke up with a terrible migraine. Has it happened to you? It’s awful, I basically slept all afternoon. I think this might have something to do with having mars in the 4th house (Aries).

What are your plans for valentines? I’m currently single so I think I’m going with some friends to the cinema, I guess it’ll be Lego Batman! I’m excited for that.

This is the thought of the day:

How long should you wait on someone? I’ve hard that you will be there until you’ve no feelings or you get tired and I wonder, does that make anybody happy? Does it mean you’re strong for holding on? I don’t know, sometimes I think fleeing is the best thing to do. But once again, I’ve got a problem with evasion. So far, if you’ve been reading me “the guy” is still missing… time to elope? I guess so.


Movie: Arrival

Song: Try – Pink

Mood: Sleepy yet.

Moon: In Virgo, are you using the energy to clean your spaces, plan your meals and get a healthier week ahead (I should do that).




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