3 days

So I couldn’t write yesterday, although I had an incredible realization. As I was listening to the sudden “end” in the romantic life of a friend, I thought that maybe the ones that leave you, really left because they truly cared for you. I know, it sounds silly… why would someone who loves you would leave you? I know sometimes they don’t feel that way and its ok, but sometimes you know they do you love you, so you can’t understand why they do what they do. Well, I believe now that they’re not ok with them or their life and that just hurts them and you, walking away is the best gift they can give you. The problem is we want control, to determine when they can leave or when they’re able to give you them all, and it doesn’t work like that. My last boyfriend, broke up with me and I remember that he said that he wasn’t ok, that he could see how that was changing me into something I wasn’t, someone sad. I know it’s complex, but yesterday I finally understood that he was right. So, to all of you who have been wondering why someone who loves you leaves, it is not you.


Movie: Stuck In love

Song: The Greatest – Sia

Mood: At peace.

Moon: in virgo, all tidy.


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