4 days

Today’s movie: Silver Linings Playbook

Today’s song: I don’t wanna live forever (it just so sticky)

Mood: as if I’m about to go into an adventure… so, glad!

Moon: I couldn’t see the eclipse, but the moon really glows.

I chose today’s movie because of the eclipse. I know, in the movie they dance to a remix but in the book, the song they dance to is “Total eclipse of the heart”. Actually I like that song, can you believe I just recently read the lyrics and got to like it a little bit more? I know, I’m so hip.

But really, going into the eclipse, you know it was in Leo right? And Leo is all about the joy and heart you give to life, so are you glowing too? I hope you are!

Ps. I’m thinking about dedicating specific days for specific texts, what do you think? You know, for when the countdown ends (‘cause valentines is just around the corner).


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